Counselors help in guiding the students in many ways. The high school students face different problems in college due to various stressors present in the environment. These stressors could be present at school or at home. These stressors adversely affect their academic performance and might lead to behavioral issues among students. The counselor tries to get these stressors and make students capable to deal with them in a positive way. Parenting styles also affect the students’ academic performance. With the help of school counselors, students can deal with the stressors in an adequate ways. 3 ways are described in this article which could be helpful for students and parents.

  1. Solo/Individual Counseling

In solo counseling sessions student is asked to tell the issues and stressors which are encountering with his academic and social performance. The student is felt relaxed and asked to explain the details of his problems. It is basically a rapport building session in which a counselor tries to win the trust of the student so that he/she can explain the causes of problems. Different therapeutic techniques are devised for students to deal with the problems in an efficient manner.

  1. Family Counseling

Family counseling is conducted when counselor feels that the issues arising in students are linked with the family. In family counseling, parents and siblings are involved. Counselor asks for the history of the student and also notes the parenting styles of parents. Counselor can advise parents to modify their parenting styles which are causing problems (academic & social) in student. Siblings also share the details of the student’s behaviors and social activities. It is very effective for students and parents.

  1. Cognitive Behavior Therapy

CBT is renowned for modifying the thought pattern and behavior. Counselor can help high school student in developing insight and better understanding of his/her thoughts and behaviors. It is the best therapy to deal students with behavior problems. The root causes are assessed by administering different psychological tests and the results are evaluated with suggestions and modification techniques. This therapy enables students to cope with the stressors in a more rational way. The thought process is changed and appropriate behavior pattern is adopted with the help of CBT.

High school counselors are doing a great deal of work in helping students and their parents. Parents can get to know the effects of their parenting styles on their children and modify them. High schools should avail the counseling services for students. Students should share their problems regarding studies and social problems (friends, family, and peer group). Counseling can help in improving the academic skills and behavior problems among high school students. Counselor can help students in understanding their latent talents and skills and encourage them to cope with the problems in a positive way. It also enhances moral traits and character building among students. The different therapeutic techniques are very helpful in making student more adjustable and optimistic. Schools’ administration should provide counseling services to students and parents.


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