15 Blogs That Can Give You Tech Startup Press Coverage

15 Blogs That Can Give You Tech Startup Press Coverage

Infant entrepreneurs, especially in the field of technology, need the most amount of attention they can get from the media.


One of the most difficult things to achieve is to get your tech startup an A grade press coverage. However, IT masterminds need a handsome amount of limelight to truly broadcast their innovation and latest developments.

After consultation with experts and a thorough research, I have compiled a list of 15 blogs that can give you tech startup press.

Let’s take a look at the following:

  1. Nibletz is accessed by over a million users. This qualifies the blog as a stellar platform for your tech startup’s press coverage. Monica Selby is the official editor, whose press coverage is read by thousands!
  2. Inc. Magazine declares that 25% of its audience is investors. The greater the user access, the more chances for you are out there to be approached by investors. This makesInc.Magazine a favorable platform for press coverage.
  3. ReadWrite is already a megastar in the market owing to its accurate news delivery regarding the latest IT trends. Since most of the audience on this blog comprises of investors, it qualifies as a far-reached dais for your press coverage.
  4. All Things Digital has been popular for providing the most genuine news and insight on trending IT patterns. The website is a classicpedestal to project your tech startup through press coverage.
  5. Lifehacker hosts uncountable users a day. To get your tech startup press coverage on this trendy blog, you mustseek out Tessa Miller. She is the official editor of this blog and excels at her work and delivers a strongly persuasive content.
  6. Gigaom is the den of promotional activities for emerging IT entrepreneurs. To get a press coverage published on this well-known blog, you must contact Signe Brewster who is the official writer of the blog.
  7. Wired is subscribed by over 3 million users. Contact Marcus Wohlsen and he will deliver a celestial coverage for your tech startup.
  8. The Next Web is a globally accessed IT blog, subscribed by 3 million users. This vastly approached platform is operated by the expert writer, Martin Bryant.
  9. Quartz declares a 65% of audience to be investors. Getting press coverage for you tech startup on this blog from Christopher Mims will really boost your brand popularity.
  10. Mashable boasts a fan following of 8 million. Seth Fiegermanis the official writer for this blog. He is a trueconnoisseur at creating outstanding content. His press coverage will take your tech startup to a whole another level!
  11. Startup Tunes is governed by a group of ghostwriters. With their intellect and wit, they attract investors to your tech startup and are sure to give it a boost!
  12. PSFK publishes anything and everything related to the prevailing IT trends, making this blog an excellent choice to get your press coverage on.
  13. VenturBeat is a home to an audience of 7 million users and is a remarkable choice for a splendid tech startup through press coverage.
  14. StartUp is a hub for beginners and a marvelous choice for getting stellar press coverage at.
  15. Techcrunch is the product of Anthony Ha’s expertise over creating perceptive content.

Get yourself a terrific tech startup!

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