The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications revealed that as of Sunday, 1 in every 4 people in Japan is over the age of 65, with theirpopulation setting a record-high of 31.86 million. According to the ministry, their increase in number can be attributed to the baby boom after the end of World War II. A significant number of their population is also making contribution to national work force.

Compared with last year, the senior citizens in the country increased by 1.12 million this year. Among men over 65 years old, there are 13.69 million contributing to 22.1 percent of overall male population in Japan. As for women over the age of 65, there are 18.18 million or 27.8 percent of the national female population. According to the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, people in Japan who are over 65 years old may even become 1 in 3 people after 22 years.

Among the almost 32 million senior citizens, or those above the age of 65, in the country, 27.9 percent of the male population are still part of the national labour force. As for women, there are 13.2 percent of the female population still working. Most are working in the industries of agriculture and forestry. There are also senior citizens working in the wholesale and retail industries.

source: japandailypress